The success of any FinOps program hinges on active participation and ownership from individuals across the organization. FinOps champions are critical in evangelizing cost optimization,  educating peers, and driving the adoption of best practices within their teams and departments. This article explores strategies for identifying, equipping, and empowering FinOps champions, fostering a collaboration network, and leveraging their expertise to achieve continuous improvement and innovation in cloud cost management.

Identifying Potential Champions: Finding the Right Fit

The first step is to identify individuals with the characteristics that make them ideal FinOps champions:

  • Leadership and Communication Skills: Champions should be adept at communication and possess leadership qualities to advocate for FinOps and inspire others effectively.
  • Cost-Conscious Mindset: Identify individuals who naturally demonstrate a focus on resource efficiency and responsible cloud usage.
  • Technical Understanding. While a deep technical background is only sometimes essential, a basic understanding of cloud concepts and FinOps principles is valuable.
  • Influence and Collaboration. Look for well-respected individuals within their teams who can collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Investing in Champions: Equipping Them for Success

Once identified, equip FinOps champions with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive:

  • Comprehensive Training. Provide in-depth training on FinOps principles, cloud cost management best practices, and available tools and technologies.
  • Mentorship and Coaching. To accelerate learning and skill development, offer mentorship opportunities with experienced FinOps practitioners or external consultants.
  • Access to Resources. Ensure champions have access to relevant resources like FinOps documentation, industry best practices reports, and online communities.

Empowering Champions: Advocacy and Collaboration

Empower champions to advocate for FinOps within their spheres of influence:

  • Team Presentations and Workshops. Encourage champions to conduct team presentations or workshops to educate colleagues on FinOps principles and cost optimization strategies.
  • Peer-to-peer Knowledge Sharing. Champion-led knowledge-sharing sessions can foster a collaborative environment and encourage open discussions about cloud cost management.
  • Participation in Cross-functional Teams. Involve FinOps champions in cross-functional teams working on cloud deployments or application development to promote “shift-left” cost optimization practices.

Building a Network of Champions: Collaboration is Key

Cultivate a network of FinOps champions to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange:

  • Champion Communities. Establish internal communities where champions can share best practices, collaborate on challenges, and stay updated on the latest FinOps trends.
  • Regular Meetings and Knowledge Sharing Sessions. Organize regular meetings for champions to share experiences, discuss success stories, and identify areas for collective improvement.
  • Recognition and Incentives. Acknowledge champions’ contributions through recognition programs or incentivize participation through rewards or leadership development opportunities.

Leveraging Expertise: Driving Innovation and Improvement

FinOps champions can be a valuable source of innovation in cloud cost management:

  • Identifying Optimization Opportunities. Empower champions to identify areas for cost optimization within their teams and departments, encouraging a bottom-up approach to cost reduction.
  • Developing Innovative Solutions. Leverage champions’ creativity and understanding of their teams’ needs to create innovative solutions for optimizing cloud resource utilization.
  • Providing Feedback on FinOps Tools and Processes. Champions’ insights into the practical application of FinOps tools and processes are crucial for continuously improving and refining your FinOps approach.


FinOps champions are powerful allies in your journey toward cloud cost excellence. By identifying the right individuals, providing them with the necessary resources, and fostering a collaborative environment, organizations can empower champions to evangelize FinOpseducate peers, and drive continuous improvement in cloud cost management practices. Remember, a network of FinOps champions fosters a culture of accountability, constant learning, and innovation for long-term success in the cloud. This collaborative approach ensures that FinOps principles are embedded within the organization’s fabric, leading to responsible resource management, maximized value from cloud investments, and overall financial sustainability.